About Us

About Us

As with everything in life, things evolve, re birth and re brand. In 2018, we did some soul searching and thought long and hard for what we stand for. We know we love flirting with food, fashion, entertainment and art. This flirtation is like a series of affairs with each of our brand pillars. As we say goodbye to the first phase of our life, we are proud to introduce you to the second phase, our new affair, Brunch Affairs.

At Brunch Affairs, we recognise that awareness doesn’t define success. In an age flooded with choice, brands need to break away from the mould and push beyond traditional marketing strategies to foster genuine consumer engagement. So what’s the secret?

Brunch Affairs creates exclusive events that allow lifestyle brands to shine through a format of fine food, fashion and entertainment. We work with some of the biggest brands in Australia and around the world with an emphasis on delivering “Something Different”, ensuring each and every one of our events is both unique to the client and based on a personalised strategy.

We consider ourselves a brand-for-brands, a team that can create a deeper connection with your audience and overcome the challenges of marketing in the modern world. The experiences we help you create are truly one of a kind and allow you to build your brand in a way that wouldn’t be possible through outmoded broadcast strategies.

Our approach focuses on the demands of the modern consumer, using experience marketing to connect with influential tastemakers and build your brand’s reputation. When you work with Brunch Affairs, you gain access to your core demographic and diverse networking opportunities in a unique context, allowing you to channel your brand through an aura of exclusivity and desirability.

To get a glimpse of what we can help you achieve, have a look at our past work or check out some of our event videos.

For enquiries and expressions of interest, get in touch with our team.