Boasting a smooth and sensual voice that will give you a sensory overload, EMRSN is poised to be a vanguard for the Future Soul movement in Australia and beyond. His exceptional voice cuts through sound waves and pierces the soul with every note and subtle inflection. This is music at it’s finest.

EMRSNS’s pedigree as a live performer and session musician is as good as it gets; now stepping out of the shadows, EMRSN has unleashed his world-class voice on his debut mixtape ‘Tomorrow’, featuring a mixture of superbly produced future beat instrumentals providing the platform for EMRSN to project his pioneering sound and style.

His live performances are visually superb, gracing the stage at intimate showcases and festivals across the country, where audiences bear witness to the raw passion and complete envelopment he has for music.

With his eyes firmly fixed on the future, EMRSN pays homage to the past through his series of exclusive, exquisitely shot online videos, featuring live acoustic interpretations of his favorite songs (spanning RnB to Neo Soul). These videos have allowed EMRSN the opportunity to experiment with unexpected instruments, each complimenting his unique vocal aesthetic.

Born and raised in Melbourne, surrounded by a creative family, EMRSN has, from a young age absorbed musical inspiration from every side of the genre spectrum – from his early years of listening to Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and the records of Marvin Gaye, to 90’s Hip-Hop & RnB. His influences become apparent as soon as you hear him sing; having spent years harvesting and developing his unique style, with a futuristic creativity expressed through a genuinely divine voice.

This musician’s mandate is clear: In a world filled with fly-by-night pop stars and disposable one-hit-wonders, his effortless fusion of Future Beats, Soul, Trap, Electronica, Hip-Hop and RnB is just what we need right now.

This is not pop music.

You’re welcome.